1. 01 Masterpiece

From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP); Tom Prasada-Rao, Simple Gifts (BMI)
NE: vocals, acoustic guitar
Matt Nakoa: electric guitar, piano, organ
Tom Prasada-Rao: vocals
Eric Schwartz: vocals, bass
Jagoda: drums, percussion


You drew me a picture
On the back of a placemat
You were just four years old
You said it was you and me
You gave me a funny face
And I still keep it safe 
Tucked away like gold
You drew me a picture
It was your mom and me
We were dancing at a fancy ball
The whole world was watching
As we twirled in the spotlight
I see it every night
Hanging on the wall
Every picture tells a story
Of morning glories 
And fallen leaves
I always thought that I was failing 
But you were painting 
A masterpiece
You drew me a picture
I had a long grey beard 
I was sitting by a stream
playing guitar
The sky was on fire
And with the autumn choirs
I was singing to a symphony
A symphony of stars
You drew me a picture 
Of a place of a place that
I’ve dreamed of
Only it was just out of reach 
You drew me a picture, child
But I never realized
That you were my masterpiece