1. 14 Messy Bed

From the recording Never Too Late

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by Tom Prasada-Rao, Simple Gifts (BMI); Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, acoustic, electric guitars
Matt Nakoa: bass, keys, electric guitar, sitar
Eric Schwartz: vocals, acoustic guitar


What if I told you that there was nothing
Nothing you couldn’t, Couldn’t do
And there was no promise
You might have broken
That’s still waiting to come true
So don’t be afraid
Of the messy bed you made
No, don’t be afraid
‘Cause it just gets in the way
And sometimes the world makes you wait
But the truth is it’s never too late
And what if I told you
No one can stop you
Walk past the doubters in your way
Follow your vision, your intuition
And no matter what they say
Years from now
When you’ve found your tribe
And you look back
On the days cried
And smile