From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Music (ASCAP); Eric Schwartz, Claritone Music (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, acoustic, electric guitars, synth
Matt Nakoa: vocals, elec. guitar
Eric Schwartz: vocals, piano
Craig Akin: bass
Alan Goodrich: drums


The lighthouse in the harbor makes its rounds
Counting off the sand bars in the sound
A loaded trawler makes its way back home
While I sit in the darkness all alone
From the fortress of this house I feel the tide
It calls to me I wish that I knew why
I know I must resist this siren’s song
It calls me to a place I don’t belong
Everything to live for so much more to say
One step at a time taking it day by day
Everything to live for and nothing in my way
I’m gonna let the light in, I'm gonna be OK
When fog creeps in and wraps it’s arms around me
I count the hours slowly until morning
The lighthouse is a beacon burning bright
It shines to guide me safely through the night
Now I can see the stars brightly shining
The fog is rolling out to sea
I’ll set my course
And sail for calmer waters
I know where I want to be