From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, acoustic guitar, organ
Matt Nakoa: vocals, electric guitar
Jagoda: drums
Craig Akin: bass
Rene Pfister: vocals


The Hunter Moon is waking up the horizon in the east
And the sunset was so beautiful tonight
My breath a gossamer lace, that slowly drifts away
Backlit by the lunar's wedding white
A coyote's distant call makes me swoon
What keeps me coming back
To this impossible balloon
The moon looks so big
When it’s low in the sky
Science will tell you
It’s a trick of the eye
When I paint my pictures
Such a beautiful sight
When that big shining circle
Really lights up the night
Every thirty days, the whole world gazes up
And that big happy face returns a smile 
We're connected to each other for just a moment in the dark
And everything gets peaceful for a while
I fumble with my camera in the cold
Focusing on Tycho wondering why this never gets old
The Sea of Serenity just gave me a wink
I'm not contemplating politics or the dripping bathroom sink
I can put aside my worries and give my soul a drink
Now the Sea of Clouds is laughing
And I wonder what she thinks