From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP)

by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, acoustic guitar
Matt Nakoa: electric guitar
baritone guitar, brass
Jackie Damsky: violin
Jagoda: bongos
Craig Akin: bass


The sun dies quick out on these plains
Smokes blowing from this bronco’s mouth
I grip the reigns
I’ll get to Devil’s Gate before I sleep tonight
I got to ride with all my might
This mochila I’m sworn to run
It’s stuffed with letters, a bible and a gun
Strapped to my leg a Bowie knife
I will defend this knapsack with my life
I glide along this trail like a falcon in the sky
I’ll get this mail to California or I’ll die
Over the mountains with all the speed that I possess
I carry the pride of the Pony Express
In this bag there’s a letter the war’s begun
The Union gave Ft.Sumter up, Confederates claim they’ve won
Gold from California will be the treasure that decides
This news will force them to take sides
I miss my darling Eleanor
She’s back in Kansas bracing for a war
If I can keep on riding and not end up lame or dead
I’ll have enough saved up, so we can finally wed
The Western Union line will be done before snow
Then I’ll make my way home to Eleanor
The storm that’s coming is gonna rip this land apart
And change the life we knew before
I fear this horse is fading fast
It’s still 15 miles to Devil’s Gate
I pray she’ll last
Last month they found a rider froze
This wind is cold
Can’t feel my fingers or my toes
I see the top of Devil’s Gate
I blow my horn to let Old Jim know
Not to wait
And to get that fire burning bright
A few hours sleep is all I’ll see tonight