From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein, Fox Run Road (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, guitars
David Buskin: vocals, piano
Robin Batteau: vocals, violin
Eric Schwartz: bass
Jagoda: drums


It’s fifty degrees today, I can see all the way
To the postcard church, where we were wed
It’s nothing but gray piles of snow
Except for that one cardinal so red
Last week was so cold it turned my skin raw
Welcome to the January thaw
It’s three years since you passed but it seems like yesterday
For more than fifty years you kept me out of my own way
Even now I can still be a hurricane
I hear you whisper “You’re just a gentle rain”
This early tease of spring should be against the law
No more freezing cold after the January thaw
Next week we’re supposed to have another foot of snow
I’ll come visit you again
When it’s safe for me to climb this hill alone
It’s still three months until April when the colors start to shine
You always loved this hill where I asked “Will you to be mine?
You saw something good in me
Something I could never define
You forgave my every flaw
Darling, you saw past my January thaw