From the recording Never Too Late

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by Neale Eckstein Fox Run Road (ASCAP), Annie Wenz, Island Gypsy (ASCAP)
NE: vocals, acoustic guitar
Matt Nakoa: piano
Eric Schwartz: bass


I spent last night half sleeping in my car
Another Hollywood night in the life of this big ole traveling star
A truck stop shower is gonna have to do, again
Tonight I might make a five hundred bucks or ten
Three months on the road and each one seems longer than last
My son just lost his first tooth seems like life is flashing by so fast
I tucked him in last night on another crackling telephone line
With a kiss goodbye as I drove past my exit sign
I played a show with another road dog
She said she’s coming up on month number two
I said “I guess that makes me one month crazier than you”
I woke up Sunday morning in a proper bed
A good friend with a spare room, and a decent bottle of red
He says he wants to sell the place, now that he’s alone
He’s got two wives down and both his kid’s are grown
His last girlfriend left him back a month or two
I said “I guess that makes me one month lonelier than you”
It used to be just me and my guitar
Ninety days and ten thousand miles didn’t seem that far
The sunlight’s blinding off the trees, ‘cause last night it snowed
And I’ve seen more deer than cars on this endless road
I just called my baby and we talked for a minute or two
I said “When I get home I’m gonna be one month crazier for you”
Just a little bit longer until this tour is through
And I’ll be coming home one month crazier for you